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Sustainable nude case with built-in rings and black lanyard

This beautiful case is 100% biodegradable and comes with handy built-in rings. Wear it with the black lanyard, always having your phone close by. What a win-win!
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This beautiful case is made of bamboo fiber and is 100% biodegradable. It is a truly natural product and it shows! The beautiful finish gives it a firm grip and a high-quality feel. In addition, it gives your phone the ultimate protection.

Who says fashion, functionality and durability can't go together?

Wear your casey with a beautiful matching lanyard and you are sure to keep your phone close to your body, giving you the freedom to move actively. You can easily remove the cord and change it with one of our other cords, so you can choose a matching style for every outfit. Take a look at our other cords and straps to see if you can find a nice match!

When your phone rings, you can pick it up in a flash, without having to look around or reach into your bag. This reduces the chance of dropping your phone when picking it up or putting it away. So never a broken screen again!

The built-in rings mean you don't have to worry about the cord coming loose. Your phone is not going anywhere!

The sturdy and flexible material further ensures the ultimate protection of your phone. Thanks to the perfect design, your phone is securely attached and there is no way it can just fall out.

The phone case also does not restrict any of your phone's functionality, such as the camera, headphones, volume control, charger, etc.

So: this casey the best choice for you, your phone and for our planet!

NOTE. This product is 100% biodegradable. That means that it does not contain any plastic. As a result, you’ll notice that the case might be more sensitive than other cases and that small superficial scratches may occur on the cover more quickly than you’re used to. But no stress! Simply rub the case with a cloth and voila! Scratch free again!


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14 dagen bedenktijd
14 dagen bedenktijd
Ben je niet tevreden met je aankoop? Geen probleem. Stuur het dan terug in de originele verpakking.

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